At Caseworx, we want you to train like you're actually going to do something with it.

The journey for Caseworx began in the graduate film producing and entrepreneurship classes that Founder Justin Wolske taught in Southern California, the Philippines and Africa: how can we get these bright, eager students to perform outside of the classroom as well as they do inside of it? The biggest challenge was replicating the speed and fluidity of the real world to help build learners' situational awareness, emotional intelligence and strategic decision making skills. He began a mission to find a teaching method to do just that.

Justin soon learned about case and scenario learning, which is a core pedagogy in business, law and medical schools, not to mention its heavy use in military and corporate training. Its power is derived from its basis in storytelling, which is the most powerful and ancient way that humans learn, especially the complex concepts he was trying to teach.

Unfortunately, this and other powerful methods of experiential learning are often practiced on paper, in exclusive training environments, like Fortune 500 training programs or elite universities. It's not accessible to the vast majority of learners around the world, who work in low-infrastructure settings like workplace, international and distance learning.

Until now.

Justin Wolske and Rudy Luthi have built Caseworx to deliver the future of case-based and scenario learning to all learners around the world. We do what the Harvard case study wanted to do when it grew up. We take the most powerful way of teaching and learning, we take it off the page and out of the elite classroom, we transform it into pro-level interactive video, we support it with powerful collaboration tools for group learning...

And then we give it to everyone, whether you are sitting in an elite business school, or cramming in your hotel room to get your certification. Using the power of story, we build those elusive skills that make staff and students valuable to your organization. We build better leaders, manager and decision-makers. Let us help build yours.

Caseworx Founders

Caseworx Founders Justin Wolske (L) and Rudy Luthi (R).

Caseworx 2016 Milken-Penn Winner

Caseworx has is honored to be a Milken~Penn award winner and a 2016 EDSi Fellow.

Viva Long Beach!

In 2015, Caseworx settled in beautiful, historic Long Beach, California. We have direct access to the vibrant Silicon Beach scene, the resurgent Downtown Los Angeles, as well as the fantastic tech talent throughout Orange County.