We help amazing educators close "the last mile of learning" through storytelling and stress inoculation.

The journey for CASEWORX began during Justin Wolske's 10-year career teaching graduate students and adult learners in the U.S., the Philippines, and Africa. He saw the disconnect between Higher Education and The Real World®, that the experiences that built "executive skills" -- the skills that are so valued in the workplace -- were incredibly difficult to reproduce and train for in classrooms and on campus.

Those skills make up "the last mile of learning," that 10% of learning that sticks, making a new hire, a manager, or a boss so critical to a company's success. To close that gap, highly trained educators, coaches, and trainers design impactful curricula, criss-cross the world running workshops and seminars, work step by step with employees, and more. The work is rewarding, but it's also hard. CASEWORX was developed to help these professionals scale their teaching, training, and coaching to reach more people.

So how do we do that? Developed over six years, dozens of trials, and thousands of users, the CASEWORX platform relies on two main concepts. The first is storytelling, which is the oldest and most powerful way that humans learn. The second is stress inoculation, or the idea that people become more resilient and capable in emotional, triggering situations when they are exposed to them in a supported, structured way.

Today, the CASEWORX platform uses immersive, interactive storytelling to help people tackle difficult concepts like entrepreneurship, implicit bias, conflict in the workplace, and beyond. Justin and his Co-Founder Rudy Luthi have built a complete platform that helps people get better at making tough decisions in a challenging world. It's a platform that has won awards from educators like McGraw-Hill, the Wharton School of Business, the Milken Foundation, and Reimagine Education.

CASEWORX helps great educators close the last mile of learning. If you're a successful educator, coach, therapist, or trainer, we're interested in speaking with you to scale your reach, drive more revenue for your organization, and give you more insights about your learners. Click here to set up a demo and learn more.

Founders Justin Wolske & Rudy Luthi

CASEWORX Founders Justin Wolske (L) and Rudy Luthi (R).

Platform UI

Our award-winning platform is working in universities and workplaces around the world.

Long Beach, CA

In 2015, CASEWORX settled in beautiful Long Beach, California.