We use the power of story and stress inoculation. The result is better decisions and improved performance.

The journey for CASEWORX began in the graduate film producing and entrepreneurship classes that Justin Wolske taught across Southern California, the Philippines, and Africa: how can we get bright students to perform outside of the classroom as well as they do inside of it? How do they apply what they've learned in the real world? It was easy for him to access transformational, experiential learning from his alma mater UCLA, or through some of the large companies he worked at, but that's not where most people in the world learn. They learn on the job, on the move, and at different points in their lives and careers.

Over a few years, dozens of tests, and hundreds of users, the CASEWORX platform evolved, relying on two main concepts. The first is storytelling, which is the oldest and most powerful way that humans learn. The second is stress inoculation, or the idea that people become more resilient and capable in emotional, triggering situations when they are exposed to them in a supported, structured way.

Today, the CASEWORX platform uses immersive, interactive storytelling to help people tackle difficult concepts like entrepreneurship, implicit bias, conflict in the workplace, and beyond. Justin and his Co-Founder Rudy Luthi have built a complete platform -- using both original and repurposed learning content -- that helps people get better at making tough decisions in a challenging world. It's a platform that has won awards from educators like McGraw-Hill, the Wharton School of Business, the Milken Foundation, and Reimagine Education.

CASEWORX builds better decisions through the power of story. After launching in universities, the platform now provides next-generation scenario learning throughout the HigherEd-to-Workplace pipeline. We look forward to designing the future of learning with you.

Founders Justin Wolske & Rudy Luthi

CASEWORX Founders Justin Wolske (L) and Rudy Luthi (R).

Platform UI

Our award-winning platform is working in universities and workplaces around the world.

Long Beach, CA

In 2015, CASEWORX settled in beautiful Long Beach, California.