How can we train more students for the real-world, with less resources, faster than we did before?

The ranks of higher education will continue to swell over the next 10 years, with learners looking to finish faster, with less debt, and more skills that are applicable to real world. How do we do that?

Well, higher education still does a lot of things very well. For instance, we have a lot of teaching methods that are very effective in building crucial skills for life after school: action learning, new therapies, experiential learning, and case-based learning, to name a few. What we don't do well is scale these methods beyond elite university walls to where most learners reside. Workplace, international, and distance learners get a cheap knock-off experience, with sub-standard tools, very little interaction with peers, and almost no experiential learning opportunities. In the future, we won't succeed unless these students succeed.

Inspired by the case method of learning, CASEWORX delivers Scenario Learning Environments (SLEs) on core subjects like entrepreneurship, management, workplace communication, and beyond. Think of them as living case studies that grow and evolve with your own curricula and lesson plans. We use Hollywood-level media production and storycraft, interactive decision points, group-based learning tools, and learner analytics for educators, so you can provide a powerful and relevant training ground for all types of students, regardless of their learning pathway.

Experience the future of case and scenario learning. Build learners with real skills for the future. Check out the video below, and contact us for a demo.