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Jim and Shane Graver are like a lot of entrepreneurs at the beginning: they have a lot of passion, they've got the street smarts, but they're not sure where to begin and they feel locked out of opportunity. As serial entrepreneurs who've acquired large clients, raised capital, and mentored hundreds of founders, we're focused on helping anyone start a business, and giving them the tools to be successful. But in order to succeed, you have to become an expert PROBLEM HUNTER.

Our learning series, Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders, is a live, expert-led, five-week immersive bootcamp designed to get early-stage founders into the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. And our first session -- The Graver Brothers & Problem-Solving -- is 100% FREE with no strings attached. In it, we cover the following subjects:

  • What should the Graver Bros. do?
  • Do I have a "good" problem?
  • What value am I delivering?
  • How do I make a "map" of my business?
  • Who else is in my space?
  • How big is my market potential?
  • How do I make business decisions?
  • Where's my "tribe" of founders?
  • How do I talk to experts?

Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders was developed at top startup labs like UPenn, Loyola Marymount University, and Village Capital, and delivers the type of one-on-one guidance and mentorship that exists in the leading accelerators and MBA programs (we should know, we've taught them!). If you want to find out what the Graver Brothers should do, and take the first big step in your own entrepreneurial journey, RSVP for our free webinar by clicking the RSVP button at the top or bottom of this page.

Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders is taught by Justin Wolske & Nina Klein. Their experience runs across film and television, product management, higher education, and consumer products, including companies like MTV, AOL, Reebok, NastyGal, Wolf & Laurel, and many more. They are Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at GRID110, one of the premier tech accelerators in Los Angeles, mentoring founders who've raised $20M+ in capital with over half a dozen successful exits.