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You have a great idea for a business, one that might change your life and the lives of your family. You've looked at the "$10 Start Your Business!!" course, but still don't know how to get from market. Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders was built for you. Using state-of-the-art scenario learning and expert, live mentorship, we will whip your business concept into shape and get it ready for the market in 6 WEEKS. Start the VENTURE that will change your life!

Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders is a live, six-week immersive bootcamp designed to get early-stage founders into the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Four main ingredients separate us from other courses. (1) Interactive video scenarios. (2) Practice making the tough decisions. (3) Real, essential deliverables. (4) One-on-one expert mentorship. Founders will get coached by a live, expert Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) to decode your venture, whether it's a tech startup, small business, social enterprise, or consultancy. Everyone will work with a cohort of at least 8 colleagues, and meet weekly with their EIR (click here for our EIRs' areas of expertise). Founders will leave the course with the following mission-critical answers:

  • Do I have a "good" problem?
  • What value am I delivering?
  • How do I make a "map" of my business!
  • Who else is in this space?
  • How big is my market potential?
  • How do I make business decisions?
  • Where's my "tribe" of founders?
  • How do I talk to experts?

Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders was developed at top startup labs like UPenn, GRID110, and Village Capital, and delivers the type of one-on-one guidance and mentorship that exists in the top accelerators and MBA programs (we should know, we've taught them!). All for $299. RSVP for FREE for one of our open cohorts today!

BREAKING: CASEWORX is offering one (1) free scholarship in each cohort of Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders to an underrepresented founder of color. If you would like to be considered, please fill out this form.

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Street Fighting Entrepreneurship for New Founders – [Starts Aug 15, 2020]
Section 0820_01 taught by Justin Wolske