Hospitality & Tourism will be forever changed by the COVID pandemic...and future challenges.

The COVID pandemic has completely disrupted the Retail/Hospitality/Tourism industries, one of the most dynamic and accessible workforces in America. And even as hotels and restaurants slowly return to business, workers are beset with an entirely new set of protocols and hazards. We will have to rapidly train hundreds of thousands of RHT professionals for the "New Normal."

CASEWORX has teamed up with California Community Colleges, the largest higher education system in the country, to build the new series, What Would You Do?, animated, interactive scenarios focused on providing excellent customer service with proactive safety measures. By creating a Jetsons-like world in the future, learners can practice some of the most common issues they'll experience with customers, and drill protocols they can take to keep themselves and their guests safe and happy.

What Would You Do? will be available at various campuses throughout the CCC system in January 2021.