Bias on campus is eliminated through a combination of merit and diversity. So how do we actually do that?

Contrary to popular opinion, college campuses are still some of the most diverse places in America. Yet there are still many institutional barriers to providing a full spectrum of representation to institutions of higher learning, be it ethnic, gender or intellectual. Bringing true diversity to faculty ranks remains one of the most pressing issues.

CASEWORX has teamed up with the California State University System to build CSU Implicit Bias, a scenario-based learning curriculum for staff and faculty across the CSU campus. By tracking the search and hiring process for one faculty member on campus, you work on some of the most difficult decisions that go into making a university's faculty truly diverse.

CSU Implicit Bias is the property of California State University System, and is intended for internal use. Please contact Dr. Michael Caldwell for more information, and review the video below to understand how the CASEWORX platform works.

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