In thousands of offices around the world, employees are failing in those "difficult conversations." This is their survival guide.

In our flagship curriculum for Workplace Education, we tackle one of the most pernicious problems at work. Almost nine out of ten senior executives feel that their new and mid-level hires lack the skills to do the job they currently hold. And so much of it comes down to the inability to communicate, especially around the conflicts that are routine in any workplace.

So we teamed up with Saturn Leadership and Jason Gore, an executive coach who has worked with firms as diverse as Oscar Health to IBM to NASA, to create C.U.B.E. for Conflict, a 4-step interactive curriculum designed to help build the crucial 21st Century skills needed to be effective at work. Learners will make tough decisions in diverse, high-conflict scenarios, and in the process, develop the qualities they need to lead teams, defuse tension, build actionable solutions, and add value to their organization.

C.U.B.E. for Conflict will be available in Q4 2019.

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