Faculty hiring bias is eliminated through a combination of process and principle. OK...so how do we actually do that?

The college campuses is one of the most diverse places in America, and remains key pathway for upward mobility, especially for underserved communities. Yet there are still many institutional barriers to providing a full spectrum of representation to institutions of higher learning, be it ethnic, gender, or intellectual. Bringing true diversity to faculty ranks remains one of the most pressing issues.

CASEWORX has teamed up with the California State University System, the nation's largest four-year public university, to build Implicit Bias on Campus, a scenario-based learning system for staff and faculty in Higher Education. By chronicling the search and hiring process for a new tenure-track faculty member, trainees will work on some of the most difficult decisions that go into making a university's faculty truly diverse.

Implicit Bias on Campus is a powerful new way to upskill faculty, staff, and even students in Higher Education. Instead of routine unconscious bias training, which has been shown to be ineffective, this cutting edge curriculum promotes active decision-making, conflict identification and resolution, improved hiring process creation, and interactive case-based learning.

Implicit Bias on Campus will be available worldwide in January 2021.

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