Early-stage entrepreneurship is not learned in textbooks or classroom. It's learned out there.

For our first curriculum on the CASEWORX platform, we decided to tackle one of the most difficult subjects to teach. Entrepreneurship is so experiential, and is learned by doing. But we believed there was a better way to teach the subject, especially for would-be founders who don't have access to elite schools, programs, or tools. Inspired by the case method of teaching and in partnership with Loyola Marymount University's Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship, we built Street Fighting Entrepreneurship. In our 8-part series, you make decisions with a diverse array of founders around the world, attacking universal problems and collaborating with your colleagues, from problem identification to exit.

Street Fighting Entrepreneurship is already in over two dozen institutions, and growing. If you want to see the curriculum in action, contact us for a demo.

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