89% of senior executives feel their new and mid-level hires are missing at least part of the core skill set to be effective in their job.

Bad decisions in the workplace have real-dollar consequences, whether it's customer service, sales, compliance, or HR. How can we build the necessary skills in people to make them truly effective in the workplace: situational awareness, emotional intelligence and strategic decision-making?

CASEWORX has engineered a platform that is light-years beyond traditional corporate training. Using our Scenario Learning Environments (SLEs), executives and staff can train against the organization's most pressing problems, using Hollywood-level media production and storycraft, interactive decision points, group-based learning tools, and learner analytics for educators. And the companies own all material and curriculum created on the platform.

Harness the power of scenario learning to build great leaders, managers and decision-makers in your organization. Check out the video below, and contact us for a demo.